Craftsmanship: to many it’s a lost art.
At Reclaimed Table, it’s a way of life.

Beautiful White Oak Tables in a Parisian-styled French Bistro in Chicago, IL

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains
Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten”

– Benjamin Franklin

Reclaimed Table has been providing the highest quality custom, reclaimed wood tables, paneling, slabs, and bases to a broad base of commercial and residential clients nation-wide since 2009.

Our striking tables and paneling have elicited audible gasps. But this exquisite initial impression means nothing if the splendor does not last. Reclaimed Table’s craftsmanship ensures our reclaimed wood tables, paneling, and slabs will perform well for years to come. That is why clients who choose Reclaimed Table once, choose us again and again.

Our Difference

Reclaimed Table is the finest creator of tables, paneling, and slabs from reclaimed wood. Why are we confident we can make such a bold statement? Here are five factors setting us apart from everyone else in this industry:

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience
Creating products from reclaimed wood is a hot design trend at this time. New players come into this market regularly. But buyer beware: working with reclaimed wood is not as simple as cutting and assembling old boards. The failure to understand its strengths and weaknesses leads to manufactured products that will warp, split, crack, and fail. We have seen competitors’ products that have failed within weeks of their installation, leaving clients frustrated and angry. Reclaimed Table has the experience and knowledge that ensures the final product is beautiful when delivered and performs well over the years. We are the only manufacturer guaranteeing this performance. Having worked with over 100 different clients in multiple industries, we have the experience that others simply do not have.

Exceptional Team

Reclaimed Table’s team is composed of remarkable individuals with deep, diverse backgrounds. By themselves, they are impressive. But as an integrated team, they are exceptional.

In addition, our staff includes a metals artisan/craftsman with over 30 years of experience, who makes custom steel bases and framework; finishers with degrees in fine arts; and craftsmen who have built everything from custom high-end furniture and cabinetry to yachts. Whatever you dream, Reclaimed Table can make it happen.

Focus on Quality and Craftsmanship

focus on quality
Craftsmanship is a fine art. Quality is a commitment to “doing it right.” These ideals are core values to us at Reclaimed Table, not just words. That’s why we use only the best processes and finest materials in the hands of master craftsmen. Nothing leaves our shop until it has been rigorously inspected and meticulously packaged for delivery. Our clients want beautiful tables, paneling, and slabs that will stand the test of time. Sustainable products are not sustainable if they do not last. That is why we guarantee our work. That is why we proudly etch our name on every table we make.

Dedicated to Client Satisfaction


At Reclaimed Table, we recognize that our clients trust us to provide them with the finest and highest quality tables, paneling, slabs, and bases. They view us as problem-solving partners, as we develop creative solutions to meet their individual and unique needs. We treat their wishes, visions, and demands as if they were our own because meeting our clients’ needs is truly important to us. We are not satisfied until our clients get exactly what they want.

If there is a problem, we stand behind our products with best-in-class service. We always return your calls, answer your questions, and work to make sure you are satisfied. Our goal is to have you feel confident enough in us that you would recommend us to your best friend.

Commitment to Sustainability

sustainability 2
Sustainability is important to us at Reclaimed Table. Being from Chicago, the U.S. Green Building Council’s 2014 number one ranked city for sustainable building, practicing sustainability in how we make our products is as important as the products themselves. From using only eco-friendly materials, including formaldehyde-free Baltic Birch plywood, water-based Eco-poxy, and low VOC and water-based finishes, to utilizing production equipment such as saws, planers, and joiners that have been resurrected from past lives, sustainability is part of our DNA. We all have children. Our goal is to leave our world a better place than when we found it. Practicing sustainability is our way of helping to achieve this goal.

Frank Sullivan

Frank Replacement Photo
Frank is the founder of Reclaimed Table and one of its partners, responsible for production activities. With over 25 years experience in the construction industry and the last 15 focused on fabricating wood based products, he is a leader in this field. He was the Senior Concept Construction Manager for Maggiano’s Little Italy, where he oversaw the nationwide expansion of this concept for Brinker International. Starting Construction Solutions, Inc. in 2001, he focused on creating millwork and cabinetry for the restaurant industry. Frank is a master craftsman. His love of wood, its aesthetics, and the desire to work with the unique characteristics of reclaimed wood led to the formation of Reclaimed Table in 2009. Frank is well-known in the hospitality/restaurant industry, and has built great relationships with some of America’s best executive chefs. He was also featured on the History Channel’s series The Big Build as one of their master builders.


Jim Ruprecht

Jim full photo
Jim is a Partner at Reclaimed Table and is responsible for the firm’s design activities. He has a very broad background with over 30 years experience in the engineering, construction, consulting, architecture, and design industries. He has a BS in Engineering from Iowa State University, a Masters of Management from Northwestern University, and most recently, a Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. A co-founder of Navigant Consulting, he has a long interest in both resource reuse and “green” construction. As the Board President of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, he was active in developing programs to increase the recovery of food from grocery stores to benefit people throughout 13 counties who are food insecure. This work resulted in providing thousands of meals and eliminating millions of pounds of food from ending up in landfills. He also oversaw the design and development of the new Food Distribution and Community Nutrition Center for a food bank that became the first LEED Gold Certified food bank in the country.


Meg Sullivan

meg full photo
Meg is a Partner with Reclaimed Table, responsible for the firm’s sales activities. She has over 30 years of professional experience in multiple industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, and education. She has a BA in English from Northwestern University and a Masters of Education from Dominican University. She is also a certified Reading Instructor with the state of Illinois. Meg works with our clients on product selection, specification development, pricing, and client education through our continuing education courses.


Scott Munson

scott munson full photo
Scott is the lead craftsman with Reclaimed Table and has an extensive background in both fine wood craftsmanship and manufacturing optimization. With over 25 years experience, he has built numerous high-end installations, including customer libraries, wine cellars, and humidors. His knowledge of wood and its properties and behaviors, especially with reclaimed wood materials, makes him the perfect craftsman for selecting and assembling the right pieces to make your table.


Shannon Helms

Shannon Helms
Shannon Helms recently joined Reclaimed Table as a sales manager. With her vast design and sales background, Shannon is poised to deliver best-in-class customer service and to participate in Reclaimed Table’s marketing initiatives with lunch-n-learns and CEU presentations. With a B.S. in interior design from the University of Cincinnati, Shannon worked as an interior designer before making the transition to sales. Beyond these qualifications, Shannon adeptly manages projects from conception to installation with superior communication skills and unwavering customer focus.


Jim Collier

Jim Collier is Reclaimed Table’s sales manager, targeting the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio regions. Along with 20 years of professional experience in customer service related positions, Jim brings an excellent eye for detail to the job. His engaging personality, care for clients, and dedication to excellence have led him to excel in all of his roles. Jim studied architecture at Virginia Tech, has a B.S. in urban studies from Elmhurst College, and received an MSW from Western Michigan University. In his spare time, he’s president of the Gull Lake Quality Organization, serves on the Board of the Richland Farmers’ Market, and is the treasurer of the Richland Food Pantry. Jim is looking forward to helping you find the perfect table for your next design project.


Introduce Yourself…

We are always looking for highly skilled craftsmen and women who are interested in joining us in making some of the finest reclaimed tables and paneling around. If you have experience making custom furniture; using miter-fold, stacked, and butcher block construction; and can work in a fast-paced environment in Chicago’s Western Suburbs, please email us your resume:


Integrated Approach

When clients come to Reclaimed Table, we are dedicated to providing for all of their needs.


integrated approach
We frequently begin by working with designers and other customers with an initial “inspiration”: a photograph, a drawing, or even a sketch on a napkin. Our design team converts these concepts into comprehensive designs, including working drawings and three-dimensional rendered models, that fit our clients’ visions and requirements. Our craftsmen and women transform these designs into beautiful, high-quality products. Using traditional tools and innovative processes, they create the finest products from reclaimed wood that are available anywhere.

We have the capability and skills to provide any special color or finish to meet the design requirements our clients have. We ensure that the client approves all finishes before application and delivery.

We are unique because we have our own integrated metal shop. This gives our clients the flexibility to request a custom designed base to complement their exquisite table or to choose a premade base from one of the many base companies with whom we work. We can deliver the table, slab, and/or paneling to the client or we can package and ship our finished products nation-wide. If the client needs installation support, we can provide this service as well.

Reclaimed Table provides an integrated solution set for our clients, enabling us to procure the finest reclaimed wood tables, slabs, and paneling, and to ensure this process is as easy, smooth, and client-friendly as possible.

Why Reclaimed

Why Reclaimed 1
Choosing reclaimed tables, paneling, and slabs from Reclaimed Table brings a rich history to your current environment. Reclaimed wood from old barns, warehouses, factories, horse farms, and other historic structures throughout North America helps preserve the historical significance and architectural accomplishments of the time. These materials are primarily reclaimed from buildings and structures that are damaged beyond repair and/or have been abandoned. Reclaimed wood tables and paneling add a distinctive element to your visual style and vocabulary, with a unique part of history being preserved. How about a beech table made from the barn where barbed wire was patented, a hickory table from the sub-floor of a former school gymnasium, or red and white oak paneling from a Kentucky farm that trained prize racehorses? You can “walk through history” with our reclaimed wood products, giving you a one-of-a-kind story to tell time and time again.

Green is Good

There are significant environmental benefits when selecting tables and paneling utilizing reclaimed wood.

Green is good
Reclaiming and salvaging wood reduces raw material needs from wood farming operations that are not ecosystem supportive. This is critical when construction materials account for 60% of all non-food and non-fuel resources consumed by the U.S. economy. Using reclaimed wood helps reduce the waste stream volume from damage, obsolescence, and demolition. In these cases, this wood would normally be burned or sent to a landfill. Over 170 million tons of material is generated from construction and demolition, accounting for 60% of non-hazardous waste. Reclaimed wood can reduce carbon emissions through less industrial processing of raw materials. Based on a 2010 study by the USDA Forest Products Laboratory and US Army Corps of Engineering Research Division, reclaiming wood flooring and lumber could reduce cumulative energy consumption by a factor of ten, compared to producing products from virgin materials, with about one-third of the global warming potential.

Salvaging and reusing old wood is an environmentally responsible choice that will only enhance the personal gratification that accompanies the beauty of Reclaimed Table’s tables and paneling.

Unique Character and Style Vocabulary

style vocabulary
Reclaimed wood has unmatched, ageless beauty and character. This historical character can include nail and screw holes, insect bores, knots, discoloration, staining, and special grain patterns from old growth wood that are not available in newly sawn wood and cannot be duplicated. These intricacies bring warmth and unique style to any project. Naturalist and conservationist John Muir stated, “Keep close to nature’s heart.” At Reclaimed Table, “nature’s heart” is part of who we are. With reclaimed wood, every wormhole, knot, and pattern created by nature is yours to be treasured when you pull up a chair to one of our tables or run your hand over our paneling. Our pieces are reused, recreated, and repurposed by us, to be relished by you.

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