Make Your Walls Stand Out in a Crowd

Forget everything you think you know about paneling…

Create spaces reflecting your taste and values.

American sourced. American built. Our reclaimed wood paneling is nothing like the paneling in your basement. Our custom-made paneling comes in different depths, widths, and lengths and in an assortment of species. Contact us today, and let us help you own a part of this history and craftsmanship.


Random width, depth, and length white oak paneling with ceruse finish

U.S. Foods
Reclaimed walnut paneling, epoxy filled with black oxide fasteners

Klavon’s Pizzeria
Random width walnut paneling

Born Capital
Reclaimed walnut paneling with white-washed stain

Residential Project
Random width red oak and white oak mixed paneling

Bub City
Skip-planed barn wood paneling, stained.

Quaker Oats
Random width, depth, and length walnut paneling

Why is reclaimed wood paneling the best choice to provide that special look and feel for your space?


#1 – Craftsmanship

Reclaimed wood paneling is made from only the finest North American hardwoods, and is planed, sanded, and finished on all sides with the best low VOC or water-based finishes. By sourcing paneling from Reclaimed Table, you can be assured that you are installing the finest paneling on the market.

#2 – Flexibility

Are you looking for rustic with tons of character? How about elegant and refined with that warm feeling that only wood provides? Paneling from Reclaimed Table can meet all of your design needs. With Reclaimed Table, there are no rules, no floor-to-ceiling protocols, no monochromatic regulations. Accent walls; random width, length, and depth textures; and contrasting directions and species are only some of our offerings. From buttoned-up boardrooms to honkey-tonk saloons, our paneling creates any ambiance you desire.

#3 – Ease of Installation

Our paneling is a breeze to install, however you’d like to install it. We ship the finished paneling, which is ready for installation, with clear, simple directions designed for any installer to follow. No special tools are required. Our paneling’s ease of installation is truly a plus.

#4 – Bringing History Back to Life

Our reclaimed wood is rich in history, texture, and character. Our paneling comes in many species and tells many stories. Made of natural materials, it creates a soothing, yet unique backdrop for myriad design statements, big and small. Every knot, grain pattern, and color variation helps bring your walls to life with a history that’s unavailable anywhere else.

#5 – Helping You Pull It All Together

Our design team works with you every step of the way, from species selection to design to color choices to finish selections. If you have special needs such as ceruse finishes or unique species requirements, visit our How To Buy section and let us know how we can help you reach your goals.

Our Clients: