“Keep Close to Nature’s Heart”
– John Muir

One of a Kind

Each beautiful slab is unique, designed by nature.

Natural meandering edges organically framing a spectacular, perfectly flat expanse of warm and relaxing wood are what make live edge slabs a sought-after look, whatever species you choose: cherry, black walnut, sycamore, white oak, or ambrosia maple. Perfect for restaurant communal tables, boardroom tables, or a creative dining experience, these gorgeous pieces create a wow factor anywhere.


Slab Collage Replacement
Reclaimed Table respects the natural splendor of these special pieces of history. Each raw slab reflects the life of a magnificent tree that has fallen, but now has the potential to live on through a sustainable live edge table. We flatten and prepare each raw slab, finishing it with only the finest materials to ensure beauty and durability. Placed on specially designed steel bases, these distinctive pieces provide an unmatched sensory experience.

Our Clients: