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We’re not shy about giving you the best.

Tables from Reclaimed Table are the finest made, most durable, sustainably crafted tables you can own. Our mission is not to provide the largest amount of tables, only the best. Contact us today, and we can help you make the statement you need to make—quality matters.

Rectangular Dining

Rectangular Table Section

Reclaimed Table produces the finest quality reclaimed wood tables in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and applications that can best meet your needs. The staple of every restaurant and hospitality establishment, Reclaimed Table’s two and four-top rectangular tables provide the beauty and quality needed to entice guests to enjoy their dining experience and the durability needed for guests to continue enjoying their dining experience for years to come. Built using Reclaimed Table’s unique, miter-fold edge design and our proven fabrication methodology, these stunning tables will out perform any table on the market, providing long-term value.

Do you want to see how our tables are made?

Round Dining

Round tables offer a different experience, providing the ideal conversation spot. Reclaimed Table’s round tables are constructed in a similar manner to our rectangular tables, both types having a layered edge. Any diameter from a 30″ cafe table to a 66″ banquet or conference table is possible. We can customize to fit your need.


Need something larger for a communal dining experience? Busy restaurants need more space for seating and communal tables are the perfect fit. How about a corporate boardroom table to impress your client? Reclaimed Table has constructed tables up to 24 feet long and 6 feet wide to meet clients’ needs. With the added ability to craft in-house, custom bases, we can create the perfect large table to satisfy your group’s requirements.


Tired of the same old coffee and end tables? Then bring some history into your design vocabulary. Our coffee tables are so beautiful you won’t want anything to cover them up. But go ahead, put your feet up, put your wine glasses down, and even sit on them, if you like. Made with the same quality as our dining tables, our occasional tables provide stunning, sustainable conversation pieces that will have your guests talking for years.


Custom Table Collage Replacement

Have something special in mind? Unusual shape, size, or color? We enjoy a challenge, so please contact us and see how we can work together to build the table of your dreams.

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