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Warm and Rustic Reclaimed Red Oak tables at the Exile Brewing Company, Des Moines, IA

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Walnut Reigns at Walker Brothers Pancake House

Since their first location opened in Wilmette, IL over 50 years ago, Walker Brothers Pancake House has been a Chicago-area breakfast favorite. From their oven-baked omelettes to their thick sliced bacon to their world-famous apple pancake, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. And with our ... READ MORE

How to Choose the Ideal Wood Species for Your Design Project

When it comes to choosing the right species of wood for a design project, there are a variety of factors to consider. While the overall look is dependent on the species, it's also important to focus on species' sustainability, eco-friendliness, and durability, which will allow that ideal look to rem ... READ MORE

Break the Cycle of Poverty With Chicago Lights

When you're looking for a way to give back, there are so many worthy, charitable organizations with which you can become involved. Here at Reclaimed Table, we've been proud to support one such nonprofit, Chicago Lights. Chicago Lights provides a variety of programs and events to assist those struggl ... READ MORE

Client Feature: Hilton Hotel

When the Hilton Hotel in Oak Brook, IL was revamping their interiors, we were pleased to assist them. Working with the wonderful O'Kelly + Kasprak, we provided custom tables for several different areas of the hotel. A unique walnut, knife-edge table adds a spot to relax in one of the hallways and se ... READ MORE


Reclaimed Table on WGN

Our own Frank Sullivan stopped by the WGN studios to talk reclaimed wood, explain our process, and, of course, show off some of our fine products. Thanks for having us!

Please be patient while the video loads. Thank you!

Reclaimed Table on WBBM

Reclaimed Table was featured on WBBM radio’s Made in Chicago. Hear one of our partners, Jim Ruprecht, speak about some unique aspects of our work.

Reclaimed Table in Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine highlighted Reclaimed Table’s work in an online article, The Future of Homes; An Environmental Tale. The Article explains how our furniture and paneling, along with other sustainably designed products, can contribute to a natural, eco-friendly world.


Reclaimed Table in Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago

Reclaimed Table partnered with Chicago Roof Deck and Garden to create this beautiful roof top oasis in the city of Chicago. The results of this partnership were featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago.

Cs interiors cover 72


Interested in learning more about the terms we have been throwing around? Click on the phrases below to obtain their definition.


  • Ambrosia MaplePattern and discoloration in maple resulting from fungus brought on by a burrowing ambrosia beetle
  • Bird’s Eye MaplePattern of small rounded spots shown as a random occurrence
  • Board FootMeasure of volume (i.e. 1″x12″x12″ or 2″x 6″x12″= 1 board ft
  • BurlWhorl type pattern resulting from injury or growth on tree
  • CarbonizedDarkening of wood through heat process
  • CathedralArched-like grain revealed in plain saw cuts
  • Clear GradeMost even color and least amount of defects
  • Closed GrainSmall wood pores
  • Cross CutCut across the grain
  • CurlyProduced when longitudinal cells grow in waves at random occurrence
  • CuppingConcave shape resulting from excessive moisture problems
  • Early Wood (Spring Wood)Rapid part of annual growth of tree (lighter and wider part of grain)
  • FlakeFiguring exposed when cut parallel to medullary rays, most notably in oak
  • Flame (Also, known as fiddleback or curly)Wavy figuring that runs parallel to the grain caused by distortion in growth of wood fibers
  • FumingNatural darkening of wood through exposure to ammonia fumes, most notable in woods with high tannin content such as white oak
  • HardwoodDeciduous broad leaf trees
  • HeartwoodCenter (non-functioning) part of tree producing darker wood
  • Growth RingsConcentric rings of wood resulting from annual speed of growth
  • GradeDetermined by color variation and amount of defects including amount and size of knots
  • Janka HardnessDensity measured by compression of steel ball 1/4″ into surface of wood
  • KnotMarkings originated from where a branch grew on the tree
  • Late Wood (Summer Wood)Slow part of annual growth of tree (darker and more narrow part of grain)
  • LimingProcess of white finish applied to open grained surface of wood, primarily in oak
  • Lineal footMeasurement of length of foot
  • Live Edge (Cambium)Located directly beneath the bark where wood growth is generated
  • Medullary RaysTissues formed radially across annual rings, most obvious in oak
  • Open grainLarge wood pores
  • Plain (Flat) SawnCut parallel to grain direction and tangent to growth rings, produces most usable amount of lumber
  • Quarter SawnCut parallel to grain direction but through the radius of growth rings
  • Rift SawnCut perpendicular to grain direction and growth rings, producing a very linear pattern
  • Rough SawnPlanks that haven’t been squared or smoothed
  • SapwoodOuter (vital) growth of tree producing lighter wood
  • Skip PlanedPartially planed side exposing wood grain
  • SoftwoodConiferous (produces cones) trees
  • SpaltedDiscoloration producing fine irregular lines that are caused by fungal decay, most common in maple and oak
  • Square FootMeasurement of 12″ x 12″ area
  • SpeciesBiological classification that shares certain characteristics
  • WarpingDeviation from flat surface often caused by moisture considerations


Caring For Your Table

Our superior finish, a catalyzed polyurethane, is robust, so it’s easy to care for. Use warm water with a mild detergent, wipe clean, and dry. It’s that simple. The table will continue to perform for years to come.

ReThink Wood

Using wood for your project, especially reclaimed and FSC certified wood products, has many environmental advantages over other potential material options. Want more information as to why you should ReThink Wood?

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